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Mature art by Dwenda, with some naughty reblogs on the side. Kind of goes without saying this will be NSFW.
I'm obsessed with Dean Ambrose and for this I apologise.

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I swear 80% of my bodily fluids are tea. BRITISH TO THE MAX.


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Anonymous asked: it was referring to your adorable cranky English voice. "I'm most upset by this dreadful cacaphony!" *tea sip*


Well okay THAT MAKES MUCH MORE SENSE. I thought you were referring to something I did today and??? 

It’s funny that you joke about the tea since I am actually drinking tea right now WOOPS. 

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Anonymous asked: d'awww someone sounds like a CRANKYPANTS doctor's prescription: gentle butt rubbing.



Please don’t touch my butt.

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Aaw ye watching NJPW time to understand nothing but still enjoy it more than 80% of every RAW. LET’S GO.

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when a follower writes a nice short kinky fanfiction as a gift



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hothotbriefs asked: OH DWENDA IM SO SAD i drew this character, and i was feeling really good about it while i was drawing it (basically the only thing i dont like is the hair), and then about a day later i stumbled across your character with the eye scar, and i realized i TOTALLY ACCIDENTALLY COPIED IT FROM YOU WITHOUT EVEN THINKING. please dont go on my tumblr and look for the drawing i hate it very hard


I looked at your blog because NO ONE TELLS ME WHAT TO DO, and dude you have nothing to worry about. I’m going to be changing Pain’s scar anyway because it isn’t fitting her story (I went a bit crazy because i love drawing scars but it doesn’t LOOK like an acid burn wtf self) and it’s not like eyepatches are unheard of. Your girl looks totally different to Pain in every other way. She’s super cute, for one, which Pain isn’t. SERIOUSLY DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT.

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Anonymous asked: I think a Q&A would be fabulous. Maybe even a video? You're hella pretty in your selfies. The world needs more of your darling face and voice. Too embarrassed to say this off anon.


Aaw, thanks, anon! (No need to be embarrassed, there’s no judging here! You guys see all my dirty Dean Ambrose smelling laundry anyway.) 

As for doing a video, I… wouldn’t even know where to start doing something like that. I’m stupid with technology. I don’t even know how to do gifs. WIZARDRY??

But yeah I like the idea of doing a Q&A if anyone wants to send questions in! I can keep them on file until I have enough or something.

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The fact you tagged me in this makes me squeal and clap my thighs together happily. THANK YOU.

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