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Mature art by Dwenda, with some naughty reblogs on the side. Kind of goes without saying this will be NSFW.
I'm obsessed with Dean Ambrose and for this I apologise.

Currently CLOSED for commissions!



Want to be a mermaid or just want a pretty mermaid OC/idea drawn? Well now’s your chance with my $50 Mermaid Wing-Its! 

What’s a Wing-It? - These are small quick paintings. There will be no changes made to them after they are finished (unless you wanna pay for it) So you should make sure to give me all the info i need in your initial inquiry. I.E. references, specific pose if you want one, hair/eye/tail color etc.

These are technically pre-orders for around mid to late November. So if you wanna make sure you get a slot, now’s your chance. I’ll only be taking 10. 

Invoices will be sent out in November when i’m ready to work on them. So make sure to have $50 set aside.

Please send your inquiries and commission info to

Signal boosting appreciated! November is my birthday month so i wanna have a stress free month of commissions<3

Still have 9 slots left! Keep in mind these are $40 cheaper than my regular paintings and will not be around forever. So seriously if you don’t get your slot now you’re pretty much not getting them later cuz who knows if i’ll wanna do more!

Signal boost! Such lovely art *_*

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Anonymous asked: Do you have an art blog? I understand the whole 'it's MY blog and I do what I want and if you don't like it you can fuck right off' business, but I really would appreciate having a cleaner dashboard.


Okay I understand you’re not being as rude a tosser about asking this question (like some people have before) BUT here’s the fucking thing:

1. It’s my blog.

2. Managing two/three blogs is really time consuming and I’m not going to do that to cater to some people who just can’t put up with my personal posts, because you don’t care about me AS A PERSON, but just as an art machine. Thanks for that, by the way.

3. I hardly ever fucking post personal stuff. It might seem a lot to you because oh NO A SWEATY HOT DUDE??? but seriously. I post like a couple of times a day, sometimes not at all. I’m hardly setting up a queue with dozens of posts on a daily basis. Fucking scroll past it.

4. If I had art to post I would be POSTING it. An art blog would only be full of all my old stuff anyway. Which is all here.

If you don’t want a ‘messy’ dashboard then take like three fucking seconds to install tumblr saviour and block the tags. I ALWAYS use them. I tag wrestling stuff with TNA or WWE, I tag Dean stuff with Dean Ambrose. It will take you less than five minutes to do it. Which is way less time than it would take me to set up a blog for your whims.

I would really appreciate people stop pestering me about this fucking issue because I have way more shit in my life right now to be concerned about than your desire for clutter-free wanking. 

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TJ Perkins is also on the list of ‘wrestlers that make my heart go doki doki’. Gosh.

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Anonymous asked: Make a Kik-account to kik Dwenda, don't know how to use Kik.


It took me like five tries to figure out what you meant by this message and now I feel dumb. I think you can just search for usernames??? Idk.

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Reminder that I have kik now and an insatiable urge to chat to people on it! LadyAmaranthine, hit me uuuup :D

Edit: HASTILY ADDING that I’m looking for general chatting please don’t be a dodgy fucker kk?
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Anonymous asked: I dont want to bug, but whats the progress with the patreon busts?


Sorry! I posted about this on Friday to say I’ve been swamped and very sick recently. I have a week off at the end of this month, though, so I’m going to work as hard as I can to get everything done then. I’m really sorry I’ve been slow, I really dropped the ball this month. :(

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bandwagonjumpr asked: I see at least four different blogs in that pic. This is your main one, one's for selfies and the like, but what are the others for?


One is a stupid one I was going to use for a dragon game I ever actually updated, and the other is a general inspiration blog for art stuff. I also have a porn gif/Dean Ambrose one with EVEN MORE AMBROSE TRASH.

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Ssshhhhhiiiit, you guys. Sorry I&#8217;m a piece of trash who never updates with anything good! Thanks for the 2500 warm and fuzzy feels.

Ssshhhhhiiiit, you guys. Sorry I’m a piece of trash who never updates with anything good! Thanks for the 2500 warm and fuzzy feels.

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Dean Ambrose + Workouts/Warm ups

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